VKK Menon Indoor stadium

Displays as Scoreboard in Indoor Stadiums in Kerala


The client’s requirement was two scoreboards for the Indoor Stadiums in Kerala with better resolution and uninterrupted performance. The display should have better brightness with ultimate picture quality to impress the audience, along with a feature of long-lasting performance. The locations are VKK Menon Indoor stadium, Kozhikode and the Kannur Indoor Stadium, Calicut, Kerala.


The team of Logic Displays visited the locations and evaluated the requirement and suggested LC-I40D (4X10 matrix). This indoor series has the optimal viewing angle? and better brightness? which are ideal for the audience to watch something from a distance. Besides, this display includes lightweight cabinets and other leading-edge features that support a smooth visual experience. Total 40 cabinets are used in each setup.


Another successful project in Kerala that marked the efficiency of the team Logic Displays. As these are scoreboards, the brightness and resolution are two important parameters and considering these two aspects, the team installed LC-I40D.


Associated with the partner NEUF SOLUTIONS,  we have successfully set up a scoreboard at the VKK Menon Indoor stadium, Kozhikode and one more indoor display at the Kannur Indoor Stadium, Calicut, Kerala. Our efficient team has visited the locations and suggested the display as per the architectural requirement.  The team first did MS frame structure and consequently, installed the display modules and the entire project was completed within 6 days. However, it is a successful effort that accomplished client’s requirements as well as established a paradigm of smart work.