Salarpuria Sattva

An Open Auditorium with Leading-edge Visual Perfection


The client Salarpuria Sattva wanted to establish an amphitheatre for true entertainment for the events and promotions. The client wanted to install a large outdoor screen with amazing picture quality, so that people can sit together and enjoy an open-air show, event, and other promotional activities. In brief, the client wanted to install an exclusive display with the size of W 9.5m x H 4.5m to match the modern outdoor architecture.


By focusing on the client’s requirement, Logic Displays had suggested Outdoor LS Series O4.8S due to its exclusive brightness of 5000cd/m2 and amazing picture quality with other up-to-the-minute features. This display model is lightweight and comprises the protection level of IP 65 (front and back protection). Besides, the display includes the optimal viewing angle of 160° /120°, a must have quality for the amphitheatre.


Logic Displays has attained another noticeable achievement by completing the Salarpuria Sattva Project at Salrpuria Knowledge City, Hyderabad. The outdoor display must have a wider viewing angle with better brightness so that it can provide a visual excellence for the audience that they never get before. In addition, picture quality is another important part of the display, especially for the outdoor one.

Considering all the parameters, the Logic Displays team had selected ultra-light cabinets aptly designed for outdoor with 4.8mm pixel pitch. The screen tile matrix is 19×5 and the team used fine heat release modules for durable performance. First, they made the MS frame structure and then our efficient engineers installed the display modules and added a flawless effect. However, the entire project from MS frame structure to final installation takes total seven days’ time. The efficient service engineers performed their best and executed a seamless installation of this outdoor display that reflects the excellence of our technology and style.