Garuda Mall

A Ritzy and Spectacular Installation of Active LED Displays

Garuda Mall a premier mall and the first shopping destination Bangalore offers an ecstatic experience to the customers with its varied range of shops with branded apparel and accessories. It is a delight to visit Garuda Mall every time as it gives a festive mood with ultimate food, fun, and fervor!


The client Garuda wanted to install large format digital displays in the mall to reinvigorate its ambience and add a true charm to its modish
architecture. The client wanted to install a large indoor display inside the mall for promotions. Besides, a cylindrical indoor display in the middle of the space to highlight any special offer or information. Apart from this, an outdoor display of present a signature appeal that suits the prestige and popularity of a premier shopping mall like Garuda. In short, the client wanted a large outdoor display that can cover two walls and showcase an
inevitable presence.


By zeroing in on the client’s exclusive requirements, Logic Displays had selected leading-edge digital displays that provide both crowd-pleasing outlook and visual delight. Each display is well-designed with up-to-the-minute features and offers exclusive performance. Here are these well-chosen displays from Logic Displays for Garuda Project.

  • LS-0080S had installed in L-shape (90° joint) for the outdoor display. Remarkably, it is the biggest outdoor display in South India.
  • LC-I25D had been decided on for the indoor display to exhibit an extraordinary picture quality.
  • LF-I25D had selected for the cylindrical indoor display that transformed the entire environment into a sparkling plaza.


It’s a red-letter day for the team Logic Displays when the efficient team members have completed the entire project. This project is equally important and intriguing as they installed three different types of displays and transformed the ambience into a more stimulating shopping environment where people feel peppy while mingling. When it comes to large digital signage solution for indoor, we installed LC-I25D because of its ultra-light and ultra-thin cabinets and it provides a sophisticated outlook with smart control features. Besides, this display has a long lifespan and supports easy installation with noise-free performance.

Important parameters of the outdoor display are wider viewing angle and preferred brightness so that it can provide an unmatched visual excellence for the audience. In addition,picture quality is another important criterion of the display, especially for the outdoor and considering these points, the team Logic Displays installed LS-0080S with high brightness cabinets that offers superior performance with IP65 front and back IP54 protection. In addition, this model supports easy front and rear installation and low power consumption.

Another captivating essence of this project is its cylindrical indoor display and we installed a custom-designed solution with Logic Displays model LF-I25D which comprises high contrast ratio with lightweight, smart modular design and seamless outlook. However, this cylindrical shaped indoor display has added a stylish and smart approach which is in vogue in any commercial place. The team, first, made the MS frame structure and then our efficient installation team set up the display modules. It took 46 days to complete the entire project. It is one of the privileged projects of Logic Displays that again successfully established its expertise and edge in technology.