Exploring the world of visual displays

We are a brand that is committed to discovering innovative display solutions that will leave the viewer mesmerised. With an experience of over three years in designing, handling and specifying LED display solutions, we have managed to empower and propel the human imagination, enabling the mind to seek more from what it sees.

Our extensive in-house technical knowledge is equipped to provide advice on comprehensive visual display solutions to suit your individual requirements. Also, the ample buying power we hold with our display manufacturing supply chain enables us to provide competitive costs and uncompromised quality while we create all that you can imagine!

Our Compass

Having a billboard greet you when you drive along the highway or sleeping under infinite stars at the comfort of your bedroom is what we envisaged, and thus, we set out to create it. With visual displays, we evolve and build an environment that is beyond the ordinary. We harness the power of vision to create a world where visual displays will become the way of life. A wakeup call that displays your schedule, a bottle that will display your water intake or a book that will transport you to a world unknown, we believe that integrating visual displays in every aspect of human life will allow the human entity to dream of a better and more connected future. Instead of allowing technology to isolate individuals, we combine it with our innovation to break illusive barriers. We imagine a world that brings you closer to yourself and the world outside.

Our Journey

Online Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., a company that has been delivering innovative solutions and products for the office automation sector since 1994. With over 25 years of experience, OLI has worked with several leading national and international brands and continues to carve a niche in this sector. The company then ventured out to launch OrangePlus LED, a leading player in the global LED lighting landscape in the country. With its sophisticated innovation-driven approach, OrangePlus was able to provide energy-efficient LED lighting products and solutions that are in line with the global green energy goals. With core strength in integrated technologies and the drive to innovate, Logic Displays was born to cater to vivid minds by propelling human imagination with visual displays.

Our Vision

We see a connected world where visual display systems are an integral part of our life and they are an extension of ourselves.

Our Mission

We are an integrated visual communication brand that is connected to elevate the visual experience of our customers through innovation and customer service, helping them collaborate, communicate, entertain, learn and make decisions more effectively.

Success Stories

VKK Menon Indoor stadium

Displays as Scoreboard in Indoor Stadiums in Kerala Previous Next Requirement The client’s requirement was two scoreboards for the Indoor Stadiums in Kerala with better resolution and uninterrupted performance....

Salarpuria Sattva

An Open Auditorium with Leading-edge Visual Perfection Requirement The client Salarpuria Sattva wanted to establish an amphitheatre for true entertainment for the events and promotions. The client wanted to...


Garuda Mall A Ritzy and Spectacular Installation of Active LED Displays Garuda Mall a premier mall and the first shopping destination Bangalore offers an ecstatic experience to the customers...

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